MAS115: Mathematical Investigation Skills, 2015-2016

Lecturers: Dr Sam Marsh, Dr Simon Willerton, Dr Tim Heaton

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This is the 2015-2016 course web page for MAS115: Mathematical Investigation Skills, which will be updated as the module progresses. For official course information, including timetabling, please consult the list of current modules.

Course Information

MAS115 is a 20-credit, year long module. Over the year you will develop important skills needed to investigate and report on mathematical problems. These skills will be useful during your degree and beyond; such transferrable skills are very useful in the workplace and valued by employers.

A course information sheet and syllabus is below.

Sam Marsh has an office hour at 2pm on a Tuesday in G9 (no appointment necessary).

Course Materials

The course materials, by lecturer, are below.

Python (Dr Simon Willerton)

The materials for the Python lectures and labs from Semester 1 are below.

Week Lectures Lab sheets Solutions
1 Lecture Lab sheet Solutions
2   Lab sheet  
3   Lab sheet  

Presentation (Dr Marsh)

The materials for the lectures and labs on presentation from Semester 1 are below.

Week Lecture slides Computer labs My lab attempts Model homework
1 Clarity of Writing Lab sheet PDF, LaTeX PDF, LaTeX
2 About LaTeX
Activity handouts: 1 2 3
Lab sheet PDF, LaTeX

Discussion Board

There is a discussion board for MAS115. This is a forum for MAS115 students to use to ask and answer (anonmously, if preferred) questions on the material for the course. Your lecturers may look at it from time to time, but it's primarily a place for students to discuss things. The board lies in MOLE, so log-in with your usual username and password when asked.


We will add here things related to the course that are useful or interesting.

General materials

Python materials


Contact Details

Dr Sam Marsh
Room G9, Hicks Building
Telephone: 0114 2223792 (internal extension: 23792)

Dr Simon Willerton
Room J19, Hicks Building
Telephone: 0114 2223823 (internal extension: 23823)